The Campaign for Competitive Elections
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Making Democrats Competitive Again


Compete2020 is making Democrats competitive again.


If we don't act by 2020, Republicans will lock in a decade-long majority in the US House of Representatives.



After the 2020 census, every state will redraw its congressional districts. In most of them, state politicians will redraw the lines.

Republicans have unilateral control of redistricting in 21 states, and they'll use it to gerrymander a permanent majority in Congress.


We're stopping them.


Here's how:

Compete2020 is preventing Republicans from gerrymandering their way to a permanent majority in Congress by winning the state elections that impact redistricting control. 

To do it, we’re building a smarter campaign model, rooted in data and inspired by Silicon Valley.


Better Prioritization

Only 3% of Democratic Party spending in the last decade went to state legislative elections. We need to concentrate our dollars, data, and talent on the local races that matter for redistricting control.


Data-Driven Iteration

Democrats often measure how much campaign activity we do, but we rarely measure its impact. We need to experiment, iterate and measure what works to maximize the impact of our campaign operations.

Great People

The most talented people rarely work on local races. We need to pay a livable wage and create a high-ownership environment where great people can drive their best results.



4 Years. 10 States. One Campaign.

In 2017, we're running a pilot in Virginia to prove that our approach wins elections.

Then, we'll scale to 10 states over the next four years, winning back state legislatures and running ballot initiatives.



But we can't get started without your help.



The Team

It's time for Democrats to win, so we decided to do something about it.


Becca Siegel has worked on campaigns since 2008. She's lent her expertise to political and nonpartisan orgs, tech companies, NGOs, and races from school board to President. She was Hillary Clinton's Ohio Analytics Director in 2016.


Bill Ward has spent his career in campaigns, data and technology. He's worked on races at all levels, and most recently led special projects at Palantir Technologies, turning around stalled product deliveries and internal initiatives.


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